Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc.

Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc. needs a wake-up call. Guests at their facilities in Niagara Falls, Ontario have complained about their treatment.

CNH employees also say they are being treated unfairly. They said “enough is enough” and decided to form a union when their employer forced them to give back more of their tips and include their managers in the tip-out. Now they have been seeking a contract for over a year and out on strike since April 7

These criticisms are being picked-up by major media outlets including the CBC, Toronto Star, and Niagara Falls Review. Until CNH does better, we ask that you spend your hard-earned money somewhere else. 

Where should you avoid? Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc. owns the following properties in Niagara Falls, Ontario:

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Skyline Hotel & Perkins
  • Sheraton on the Falls Hotel
  • Clifton Victoria Inn
  • Marriott Fallsview

CNH also operates a number of associated restaurants, retail stores, and commercial enterprises in the vicinity of these hotels, such as the Rainforest Cafe and Hard Rock Cafe

Boycott Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc.


Concerns continue to be raised about Canadian Niagara Hotel’s treatment of guests and employees.

Take Action

Boycott Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc. and write to the company to communicate your concerns.